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Châtain clair. Châtain foncé. Yeux Bleu. Disponibile pour Incall. Maillot Entièrement rasée.

Partiellement rasée. Entièrement naturel. Intéressé par Les hommes.

Les femmes. Les couples. Les transsexuels. Les gays. Fumée Oui.

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Seules les escortes avec commentaire s. Montre tout Montre filtré. Copine du mois. Voir ma carte. Celia Âge: Montreuil Téléphone: Yackeln Âge: Blois Téléphone: Only newcomers give good mark to that agency when all welknown and reliable punters give bad ones!

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That smells fake reviews. I think that some escort agency managers should go back to school to learn a little about psychology and stop to think that booking escort girl is synonimous with being mentally retarded.

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Soumis par yotsah revues sur Escortes sur 15 Mar Who asked you for euro for 2h???? Soumis par phlox33 17 revues sur 17 Escortes sur 16 Mar Du Vol!!! Cette agence se fiche du monde!

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I am a Hungarian adult actress and I have been shooting porn for 1 and half years. Disponible pour 1: Mistress I always have a longing to satisfy the man I am with, to keep him every happy and longing for more. Blois Téléphone: Hey im Ursula.

Les photos ne correspondent pas aux filles Claudia. FUYEZ cette agence!!! Soumis par bazerty 26 revues sur 22 Escortes sur 17 Mar This girls profile exist in two different agents: So I book Lisa or Laura tell her as you like the day before yesterday for a date for the next day. At the night I read a very bad review for her that somebody went to a date and found another girl totaly different from the pictures and I decided to cancel next morning and not to go to the date.

Then next morning when they sent me an sms to confirm the date I answer them no for the reason that I told you.

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They reanswer and told me that is a fake review from a guy that blackmail them etc etc and a small storie and that the girl is the same as the pictures. Then I said ok and I confirm the date but I said that if the girl isnt that one at the pictures I will leave immidiatelly.

Now you will laugh and see how unproffesional is the guy. I went on time on the date I nock the door and nobody answer.

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I wait 5 min and sent sms to the guy and he said that he get in contact with the girl. So I sent about 5 other sms and ask what is going on and if this is a joke and of course I didnt have any answer. I lost about 45 minutes with this funny storie and this stupid agency and I tell it to you because I want you to know it and dont have the same with me.

This kind of agencies have to stop be in that bussines with fake dates and fake girls. Soumis par alex revues sur Escortes sur 27 Jun Soumis par chevalblanc 7 revues sur 5 Escortes sur 13 Jan Je pige pas Soumis par bart03 5 revues sur 3 Escortes sur 26 Jan Soumis par mimix 7 revues sur 8 Escortes sur 26 Jan Soumis par mimix 7 revues sur 8 Escortes sur 09 Feb