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  • The admins Sabrina and Jana are really great on their work. Many thanks Soumis par mel1 3 revues sur 3 Escortes sur 19 Sep The meeting was arranged professionally. All questions answered timely and I was kept informed at all times. Soumis par Charles A 4 revues sur 4 Escortes sur 23 May Non Les conditions de la rencontre?

    Escort Prague

    Non Le prix est-il conforme? License to steal. This agency is probably the worse I have used in all my years visiting Prague.

    First they confirm a lady, Veronika, for services that she does not offer, even though I raised the question repeatedly in emails. Second the pictures they publish on their web site are at least 10 year old, then they overcharge from their published web site rates, and when you contact them via SMS and emails, they never respond again, as if they never heard of you.

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    Stay away from them and do not make the same mistake that I made. Soumis par lucent61 revues sur Escortes sur 06 Sep I had a meeting with one of their girls Denisa. The meeting was absolutely fantastic and Denisa is something else. When this was realised, Amelie was efficient to set up a new meeting very quickly.

    She not only apologised but, even if I was not complaining I was in a good mood that day , she volontarily offered me a discount. So, she was acknowledging the error in practice better than too much blabla. I did appreciate the offer. So, I hope Amelie will keep the same open attitude. Soumis par jplutin 69 revues sur 59 Escortes sur 11 Jun Very good agency.

    All is respected Soumis par nitoxxx 3 revues sur 3 Escortes sur 12 Jul Soumis par Random revues sur Escortes sur 20 Jul Non Les conditions de la rencontre?

    WORST SCAM IN PRAGUE!!! (Honest Guide)

    Rendez vous pris depuis deux jours. Soumis par betor 35 revues sur 35 Escortes sur 28 Sep For me and from my own experience Prague Passions is more than an excellent agency. In my opinion this agency has great,very nice and pretty suitable companions for meetings of a weekend or more. Everything was perfect and not the marvellous girl indeed I met but myself was very late at the airport. Du top Niveau!!!! Bravo Amelie!!

    Escort Prague. Nous ne sommes pas l'agence d'escorte. Ce site représente le tableau d'affichage spécialisé sur l'escorte à Prague. L'administration du site ne. URL: Pays: Czech Republic. Ville: Prague. E-mail: Tel.: + Photos: Claires. Liste des .

    Booked with Prague passions twice, and my experience with the agency is excellent. Their models are as promised and the communication with Amelie exceptional. If you visit Prague you need to contact Amelie for an unforgettable night out in Prague. Soumis par todzilla11 2 revues sur 2 Escortes sur 18 Dec Amelie goes out of her way to communicate with clients, with clarity and consistency. Probably the best agency with respect to arrangements in Prague. Thanks Amelie. Will book again when I am traveling through Prague.

    Keep up the excellent service. Soumis par lucent61 revues sur Escortes sur 23 Dec I have to admit that Amelie is a great manageress. Maybe the best in Czech Republic. And she has a great experience. Maybe got as manageress in a previous agency. And focused on latin countries.

    And with nice stereotypes about these countries. Once again Amelie scores a perfect 10 in service, communication and consistency. Probably the best agency in Prague I have worked with. Thanks Amelie, and please do not change a thing. Soumis par lucent61 revues sur Escortes sur 02 Mar Soumis par Random revues sur Escortes sur 14 Mar Conditions de booking facile, par e-mail.

    Photos et service conforme.

    And not only for the great location. A great time and a great chance as well to visit,sometime,some nice cities with a nice and special companionship.

    And this time I much appreciated something else as well as sometimes silence and discretion is the most important thing. Many thanks indeed. And not only to super Amelie.